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XLIST for Civil 3D

XLIST for Civil 3D

We need to be able to pick on an object and know how it is controlled, xref, surface, profile, corridor, pipes etc.  Give us all he layers associated with the object, for example, the surface may come in on a layer but the contours are on another layer - both should be listed.


If this is a bad idea, this is from a coworker, not me.


if it's a good idea, it's still from him, but I'll take some of the credit for typing it up.


I agree. Show us the object layer and the layer the element is on. The biggest complaint I get is from users who click to find out the layer, is says P_SURF, they freeze it, and everything freezes. They just wanted to freeze the contour layer.


I tell them to go into the style, check out the layer, then freeze in the layer manager. Common response: rolls eyes.


Another example where this would be helpful:  You've got a corridor and a featureline is showing.  But it doesn't look the way you want it to.  But you don't know what style it's using so that you can edit the style.


Using this tool should tell me the feature line name and style name of the selected FL.


I sometimes need to find out what code a particular featureline is using.  But when I select it, all I can find out is that I've selected a corridor (I already KNEW that).


I'm looking for something similar to XLIST which allows me to pick an element that is part of a block and see info about it. 


In this case, I want select a line within the corridor and have it tell me that it's a LINK with a code of "Top" or a FEATURELINE with a code of "ETW".  Or in a cross section, it might tell me SHAPE with a code of "Pave".


Oops -- I forgot all about that one.  And sadly, I even posted a comment in that other idea basically talking about this very thing.


Smiley Embarassed


I agree.

Although we can use labels (within the code set style) in the corridor sections to display the code, I hardly never use them but sometimes I would like to check some code in the section view. (temporary label which disappears with "regen").


In addition, in the corridor properties (featureLine tab), perhaps a command or routine similar than the AutoCAD "drawOrder" command to display a particular corridor featureLine on or under another one.


At the moment, there is a little trick (very poor) to know the code of a corridor featureLine.


If you use the command "FeatureLinesFromCorridor" to get a FeatureLine, then select the new featureLine and open the FeatureLine Properties:




Obviously, is a workaround very poor and we have to create and remove a featureLine.


Perhaps, some command (API) similar than "FeatureLinesFromCorridor", creating and removing the new featureLine to get the code.




This capability is already there. Instead of Selecting, you just need to hover over the Link or Feature Line.

Not applicable

Also, when using XLIST on an XREF'd item, it should tell you what layer the object is on INSIDE the XREF, not just what layer the XREF is on.


I hope this makes sense. If not, ask, and I will try to clarify.

Status changed to: Future Consideration

This is a great idea, but the timing isn’t quite right for development consideration in the near term. As such, it is being put on the back burner to be re-visited at a later date. Please continue to comment and add your support.




Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.

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