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Less Mouse-clicks on Dialog box / Drop-down boxes

Less Mouse-clicks on Dialog box / Drop-down boxes


There's too much mouse-clicking just to retrieve a Style for example. I'll focus on Surface Styles here although this case is also similar to other C3D objects.

In the current workflow, changing a surface style (during creation, as Property editor can also be used alternatively after creation), you have to :

1) land your mouse in the Style box to make the 'ellipsis' button appear.

2) You now have to click the ellipsis button to bring the Dialog box of Drop-down box of Styles,

3) You now have to click the Drop-down Box to retrieve the Style.

Now that is too many steps just to retrieve a style. What i want is one-click and the drop-down box should drop, as the image shows on the left-hand side, as opposed to the image on the right-hand side which is the cumbersome current work-flow.C3D-dialog-box.png


Yes, Yes, Yes, Please please please get rid of that stupid ellipsis and the annoying Style Selector dialog box.What a time waster!


I agree.  What's even worse is when it's something you want to simply say yes or no to.  Why not a simple checkbox?

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