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SuperElevation target

SuperElevation target

This idea comes from here:


Finally, I have my own custom subassembly which works fine but I have to spend a lot of time (selecting 2 targets: horizontal and vertical target) and assigning the input parameter (from another output parameter) for several subassemblies of the assembly.


Some softwares has a "SuperElevation target".


For example:


When we have a 3dpolyline and it being used  both as a horizontal target and Elevation target, then the result is OK. (we get the properly superelevation).



If we have 2 entities (one of them is for an horizontal target and the another one is for vertical target), then the cross Slope (superelevation) is incorrect.

Or for example, we have a lane subassembly with a default width= 5 meters *** We don´t change this width, and we use a polyline as an elevation target, then the superelevation is incorrect. 


So, even though my custom subassembly, I would like that Civil 3D has "SuperElevation targets" and I only have to select an entity once.


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