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Sharing styles and parts lists without having to open the file.

Sharing styles and parts lists without having to open the file.

I would like to be able to import styles, parts lists and such into a drawing before I open it. 


The reasoning behind this is that when I modify or create a part/pipe/style in a pipe network (which I do quite often for box culverts, outlet/inlet structures, transition structures, etc. mainly due to hydraulic restraints) I have to go into X amount of drawings and update the styles manually after importing the updated parts list with the accurately showing parts/pipes/styles that were just modified or created. The problem is that the file, upon opening, will update the networks based on the data reference but without the accurate parts list and styles associated. Meaning I have to manually update each style and pipe/part size for multiple drawings and large networks. Becomes tedious and inefficient. Would be great to be able to do this so that when a file is syncronized upon opening, the right parts list/part/style is associated allowing the styles and parts to be accurately updated.

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