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SectionPoints with codes

SectionPoints with codes

I would like to have a way to get codes in the points of the Surface Sections.


In the C3D API, SectionPointsCollection is composed by offset,elevation data of each vertex of the section.

I would like a new column in that collection called "codes".


This way, when we have Projections and Crossings in the section view (In my opinion, Projections and Crossings should have the ability to add a code for them), if we select a particular source, we could have new vertexs (ignore elevations), with those codes.


I explain this because when we stake out in the field, we use surface section data in the controller and we can select a particular section point by code. (to get the offset, not the elevation).


Istram Ispol and other civil softwares work with codes in the surface section data.



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