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Partial Corridor Rebuild

Partial Corridor Rebuild

Is there any reason why the whole corridor has to rebuild when you make a change to one or two regions?  


I could see logic behind just modifying the way corridors update so that they just partially update, versus adding an option for the user to choose. 

But personally I think giving users an option would be best.  If you have AutoRebuild on, you should have an option to specify what gets auto rebuilt, if you dont have auto rebuild on and you want to manually rebuild the corridor, why cant there be an additional option to rebuild just the actual region(s) that were modified.  It would reduce a lot of time when working with semi complex corridors.


I agree completely. I have 4 kilometres of Water & Sewage corridors that takes minutes to update for each single little change to specific regions.


Corridor rebuild is actually partial rebuild. we do have one hidden command: Forceupdatecorridor that is doing a truely rebuild.


@FrankHuang This may be true that you have a command to forceupdate a corridor, but the normal rebuild does not rebuild a section at a time, nor does it give an option to rebuild only an affected section, it builds the entire entity, Depending on how complex the corridor is, a rebuild can take a lot of time, hence the reason for my request.

Status changed to: Implemented

With the 2023 Updates and 2024 release, we have reduced the number of un-needed corridor base line region builds to such a level that only 2/3 of the time when the code or user requests a rebuild the re-build is skipped as there is on geometric change to the objects defining the region.

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