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override style settings by object

override style settings by object

Currently you might need a style for each object of a type, let's say you have 30+ surfaces.

You work on them and then turn off in style when finished and they are left there for reference of corresponding objects, for volume calculation or any other purpose. Needing to verify the area of a surface etc, you modify the style visibility settings (turn triangles or elevations on, change the colour of contours etc). So many more objects are set visible likewise in the edit and focusing on the one is disturbed.


It would be great improvement in performance to have a possibility to override style settings by object. So all objects of a type could be treated with handful of styles. Creating a new style is a pile of work (create + modify settings + modify visibility + assign to object) compared to overriding one temporarily (or for good) plus you had the option to reset the override of course. The focus of design would be much more concentrated on objects rather than styles.

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Or a simpler solution, if styles could be overridden by setting "visiblity by object". So you still would not have to create a new style for every object but handle object's visibility independent from style in different view directions. Layers and colors of the 'object style' are retained by the parent style, but visibility is overridden.

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