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Section view scale

Section view scale

When I create section views I like to make them on a smaller scale as the overview of the situation.

The situation viewport will be set on scale 1:200/1:500 or scales like that, while my viewport for my sections is set to 1:50 or 1:100.

When I make a section view, there is a possibility to attach a scale to the Title Annotation with the 'Drawing Scale' text component. But when I make my section views with the setting 1:100, and later on I have to assign mulitileaders or dimensions in my situation, I have to set my drawing scale to 1:500. Because I change my drawing scale, my description in my Title Annotation from my profiles changes also to 1:500. In my paperspace where my viewports are set to 1:100 the description matches not whit the reality, wich is very annoying.

So it would be great if there was a possibility to set the viewport scale in my Title Annotation instead of the drawing scale...


scale section view.jpg


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