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Rename/Renumber for Pipe Networks

Rename/Renumber for Pipe Networks

It would be great to have the option to rename and renumber pipe network pipes or structures similar the way the Parcels are renumbered.


For example:

1.  Create a naming template per structure type.  ie: Flared End Sections to be "FES-A<[Next Counter]>", Eccentric Cylindrical Structures to be "MH-A<[Next Counter]>" and so on.


2.  Select Start Structure


3.  Select End Structure


4.  All structures are renumbered per their part type and number in line as indicated.


This would help the painful process of renumbering large pipe networks after an additional structure needs to be added after the fact.  It will help to avoid the convenient structure CB-A21, CB-A21A, CB-A22 for example.  This is almost always a mistake made in the field not realizing the lettering convention.  Some municipalities will require the "A" or "B" network designation to clearly indicate which networks direct to which stormwater quality controls.

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I understand that renumbering could be done for pipe networks, but I have this problem with pressure networks...someone know how to renumber pressure parts after addition/extraction pipes?

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