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Sheetset Field - able to have a field without data.

Sheetset Field - able to have a field without data.

We use many field though sheetset in our title block.  Where there is no data, it will print ---- instead of just empty filed.  It'll be great to be able to have just empty field.  For example, city file number is a field, part of our title block. but the number is not always given by a city (especially small municipalities).  We don't want to change every title block just because we don't have the number.  Ideally just keep the field with no data, blank. 


If you enter %% into a field, it displays as blank, without the ####.


You can also enter the Blank Space Alt code as "Alt+0160" or "Alt+255".


@nveselyR6DU4 and @jacob.dwyer gave you a couple of good work arounds.(I use "Alt+0160" non-breaking space)


That said, sheet sets are a base AutoCAD feature. You will not get the attention of the AutoCAD team here in the Civil 3D Ideas forum. There is no AutoCAD Ideas forum. You can post in teh AUGI Wishlist.

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