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More information about the boolean failure in Civil 3D

More information about the boolean failure in Civil 3D

When extracting solids between two surfaces or trying to union two Solids with UNION command, the below error may appear and the procedure is failed:

"The Boolean operation on solid and/or surface bodies failed. Modeling Operation Error: Error Code Number is 18027".

To overcome this issue, users have to do very tedious work to find which part of the surface or solid is problematic and edit it accordingly. Usually, this is a trial and error method that not always brings positive results.

It would be desired to have more information or some hints regarding where to look for an issue, e.g. similar when trying to HATCH a large area that is not closed - red circles show up on break spots.


The process of generating a solid from a corridor surface is going to be more and more common in the future in order to export them for coordination.


I support this idea!


This problem I know only too well and it would be great to get more information from the system!


Absolutely yes!

Earthwork solids are significant part of collaboration. Unfortunatelly this extraction between two surfaces fails way too often.


I agree this idea. Also, ,if you split your corridor, you should check the start station for new region. If there is no difference (like 1 cm), you cannot extract solid between corridor surface and existing ground. I solve my problem this way.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.

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