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Labels for Alignment Intersections

Labels for Alignment Intersections

When an alignment intersects with another alignment, I need to label that intersection.  But currently, the only way I can do that is to create a station offset label that has a reference text pointing to the intersecting alignment.


I'd like to have an additional Alignment Station Label type (current options are Major Stations, Minor Stations, Geometry Point, Profile Geometry Point..... etc.  I propose adding to this list Intersecting Alignment Point.


Such a label would look something like:


(if Percy Street is beginning at Main St)

Main Street Alignment Sta 100+63.50 =

Percy Street Alignment Sta 0+00 (POB)


(if Second Street iIntersects Main St)

Main Street Alignment Sta 101+75.00 =

Second Street Alignment Sta 10+50



Of course we'll need a way to make sure the same point won't get labeled twice (once for each of the two alignments) -- you wouldn't want to see the following pointing at the same location:


Main Street Alignment Sta 101+75.00 =

Second Street Alignment Sta 10+50




Second Street Alignment Sta 10+50 =

Main Street Alignment Sta 101+75.00



Or dynamic COGO points where they are always located in the intersection points between 2 alignments.


This way, you could label directly from the label point style.



There are a lot of workarounds and needs with the intersection points between alignments. 


What is different between what you are proposing and an Intersection label?  The only thing you would have to do is actually create an intersection.  I use them all the time just for profile locking and labels just like yours and then don't use the wizard for assigning radii, etc.


Are you referring to corridor intersections?  I have yet to use them.  We don't do much of anything that would even come close to needing them.


We typically have a single corridor for a single access road leading to one of our parking lots.  There is typically an alignment for the existing road and I need to label the intersection of these alignments.


Propoosed Access Road Sta 100+00.00 (POB) =

Route 5 Sta 45+68.38


Yes, I suppose that's what I'm referring to.  We very rarely use them for corridors, but use them for locking design profiles and for doing labels exactly as you are proposing.  The important thing here is that you don't need a corridor in order to use an intersection.  An Intersection in it's simplest form only needs two alignments.


I think that sounds like a reasonable WORKAROUND.  But I'd still prefer to have it be something that is "just there" as one of the options as described above.  Depending upon how the alignment's label group is configured, it would just put the intersection label for any intersecting alignment.

... Maybe they can fix the ridiculous 'Upgrading COGO Points' message, and
huge delay in opening each-and-every-single drawing (with COGO) while
they're at it?

It's only been +/- a decade in the making.

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