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Intersection Improvements

Intersection Improvements

Looking for something simpler than using an Intersection object to link profiles. Intersections are an awesome idea but I feel there is a ton of room for improvement.


1. Simple intersection, no corridor creation options, just click one alignment and then the other and the profiles are linked.


2. It would be nice if you could link profiles not lock, so that if you change the vertex in either profile view it changes the other, kind of annoying to go profile hunting every time I need to change the vertex. Or, even clicking on the intersection so you can change the elevation at that point through the properties menu.


3. Add the ability to turn off the default of 'Create or Specify offset alignments' to the Edit Command Settings for 'CreateIntersection'





RE #2, I think the suggestion of being able to "change the vertex in either profile and have it update the other" will be next to impossible.  That would create a circular reference (very similar to the way you can't attach File1.dwg to File2.dwg and then attach File2.dwg to File1.dwg).


Yea, that could create some confusion. It would be nice to maybe use a intersection elevation property and lock both points.



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