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Geolocation Map

Geolocation Map

Please, for the love of all that is right in the world, please bring back google map images for the geolocation map. Bing's maps are INCREDIBLY outdated, with poor resolution and are overall just horrible to work with. I'm actively researching other software to use because of this issue. 


Well said! I just posted on this!! Currently working on a site and the Bing mapping is missing 4 buildings and has about 20 hectares of forest that isn't there! That makes the mapping at least 5 years old. What can I possibly use this for? One pointer which you might be aware of; if you do an area capture you can slightly improve the resolution. It might slow the drawing down a bit though if it's a large area.

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Well said! Exactly, this is true. I'm agree with this statement


Google and Amazon have now made nice. Maybe there's hope for Google and Autodesk?
I agree, this is one of the most frustrating features of Civil 3, outdated and not always good quality aerials.

I don't know, once divorced, it's hard to rekindle that relationship...


I've been using Plex.Earth for years now and it's been great!

Yeah is sweet. Just couldn't justify a licence for it at work. Considering the price of; it probably would cost Autodesk much to licence google maps.


Autodesk and Esri? Access to the ArcGIS databases for high quality photos would be lovely.


There is ArcGIS for AutoCAD which has been improving but could be much better.


While this is an issue I believe needs to be resolved, don't forget that in the meantime you can use IINSERT or MAPIINSERT to attach orthoimagery. If you have the corresponding world file [.jpw, .tfw, .sdw (if you have AutoCAD 2018 or newer to handle MrSID files), etc.], then you can have your imagery correctly geolocated.


@awkeller88 Doesn't the ESRI online aerials use the same imagery as Bing Maps? 


@gherrman MrSid images have been supported in Map3d/C3D for over a decade. I was using them even in the LDD days before C3D was a thing. 


@Cadguru42 in a way I suppose. From what I understand is that Bing (and Google) get there mapping from ESRI but generally reduce the size of their imagery. You can get higher quality images straight from ArcGIS online, however there was an issue with plotting the images when the ArcGIS for AutoCAD extension came out that ended up killing the plotted image quality. I think it may just have been system variable (RASTERPERCENT or RASTERDPI) but I haven't checked it out.






MrSid file support varies by the generation of the sid file and the version of AutoCAD. When I posted my initial comment, I was on C3D 2017 and was under the impression that 4th-generation MrSID support was being added in 2018. Now, I'm on C3D 2020, and I see that this is only partially true. The official position is that 4th-gen MrSID files still aren't supported; however, unlike older versions of C3D, you can at least insert the image - but it will come in tinted blue.

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