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Crossing Table

Crossing Table

This should be built in functionality. The interference tool  should do this, it already know where and how far but has no mechanism to report  it. 


Creating a utility crossing table is basic civil engineering. example would be assume a primary pipe network and label and  table all the crossings. 


further example

the table focus is the water main, so  if the water pipe crosses over a sanitary pipe the the table entry would be 


bottom of water pipe <w-number>, top of sewer pipe <san number> clear distance <w-number> minus <san-number>






It would be great if we could do this in Project Explorer, and be able to customize what fields we want.  Someone may want it one way, but with a different use case, the table and data referenced would be completely different.


@brian.strandberg  that's correct. the table presented is only an idea. formatting the should be as another table in c3d.

I get the PE wish but it should/ could be just be another pipe network table

Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the idea. I agree with @brian.strandberg : Project Explorer would be the best place for this so it could then be easily customized. We'll do some research on this one.

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