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Civil BIM - Pavement

Civil BIM - Pavement

Civil 3D needs to implement Civil BIM. After years of marketing it's time Autodesk actually implements Civil BIM so we can leverage an actual model based design. I want to be ablility to tell my kids that I'm designing pavement instead of getting blank stares when I tell them I designing feature lines. 


Pavement needs the ability to talk to adjacent civil BIM objects such as curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveways, and other common objects you will find in the word. The pavement object should trim it's self to the other objects. So if you add curb and gutter along one edge it will join it. The pavement object found in parking lots should accept curb and gutter islands with landscaping. The grades of this island should generally follow the pavement grades with the ability to modify the curb and gutter elevations to allow for grade changes to allow for water flow. 


It would also be real nice to place one of these civil BIM objects and autmatically see a profile, section and 3d view.


It would be great to see the current corridor parking lot modeling shift toward this BIM object approach, as there are multiple problems already apparent with grading a parking lot using corridor assemblies for curb/gutter, etc.


Since feature lines work reasonably well as it is, why not create a "BIM Object Editor" that allows us to modify curb objects like feature lines (i.e. adjust elevations at elevation points, add vertices, etc.). Plus, once the objects are in, we could pull quantities for lineal feet of curb (or volume of concrete), and subgrade elevations based on how we define the curb object.


There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL for this type of design workflow! Make it happen!

Status changed to: Future Consideration

This is a great idea, but the timing isn’t quite right for development consideration in the near term. As such, it is being put on the back burner to be re-visited at a later date. Please continue to comment and add your support.




Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.

This is essentially what component roads in Infraworks 360 does, isn't it? I think adding the parking feature and gradings you've described above to that platform would make more sense and something Autodesk could implement quicker than in Civil 3D. Just would need to be able to convert the Infraworks 360 objects to the corresponding Civil 3D objects

What Civil 3D objects is it supposed to transfer to? 


Last time I checked out component roads in Infraworks it consisted of a garbage in garbage out program without any detail available to design in. Sure you could do widths, but all of the other detail just wasn't there to do any design work. Plus it was still a linear thought design process, which in my opinion, is a horrible design decision for parking lot areas and complex designs.


Essentially component roads ends up being a recreation of corridors in civil 3D, which was a recreation of LDD templates. The only difference is you are able to graphically select where components are placed instead of using different subassemblies or conditional subassemblies. Under the hood it becomes just a different UI to Civil 3D corridors.

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