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Ability to update a Volume Surface's definition via Dashboard

Ability to update a Volume Surface's definition via Dashboard



I would like an option in the Volume Dashboard interface to switch out either one or both of the surfaces specified in the Volume Surface Definition.  Something like what is crudely shown below would expand the usefulness of the Volumes Dashboard and would streamline the evaluation of iterative grading design scenarios.  Currently, we have to create a new volume surface each time we want to swap a surface, which seems unnecessary since most surface labels can be toggled to different surfaces after creation.



I should note that I'm aware of the REPORTSURFACEVOLUME command that has this kind of functionality.  However, that particular option does not create an actual volume surface.


Thanks for your time.






It is a great idea and the one which hopefully will be implemented soon.


Your Idea is specific to changing base and comparison surfaces in the Dashboard.

This capability is needed for volume surfaces in general. There are existing Ideas for this that should be combined


26 Votes - change-base-and-comparison-surfaces-for-already-created-volume

22 Votes - surface-volume-edit-first-and-second-surface

34 Votes - allow-base-and-comparison-surfaces-to-be-swapped-for-volume


Mike - thanks for bringing this up again.

Chris - thanks for the links - I can't believe it is 4 years since I posted my version of this idea and yet there has been absolutely no progress on this at all. 

Autodesk - If we combined all the votes we'd be over 100 now. Could someone from Autodesk respond to and provide some sort of explanation why this is so hard to implement? or not worth implementing?

I understand that we used to have a function for volume calculation in which we could switch surfaces of the base and comparison. However no real volume surface had to be made. But we do not always need the volume surface. Just the volume results. Why has this disappeared? This function could be used in case no volume surface is needed and else the volume dashboard could be used.


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