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Change base and comparison surfaces for already created volume surface

Change base and comparison surfaces for already created volume surface

Title says all. Once a volume has been created, it would be great to be able to change the base and volume surfaces. It would save time! This is similar to another thread about swapping surfaces, but with more flexibility.


Sebastien, I am voting up your idea, but there are already similar ideas.


I suggest everyone go back and vote these up as well. 

Surface Volume: edit first and second surface 10-20-2016 (16 votes)

Allow base and comparison surfaces to be swapped for volume surfaces 05-19-2015 (20 votes) 


@peterfunkautodesk, how about grouping these?



Sure! Group them all and make sure all suggested options are not lost. My option is not only about swapping surfaces, but using other surfaces.


I agree this is definitely needed, the workaround I found to this was the way in which I do the volume surface;


  • Create a top soil strip surface which contains a paste of the topo surface and lowered
  • create a formation surface which contains a paste of the proposed levels surface and lowered

because these are pasted surfaces, they can be replaced without having to recreate the volume surface.


Yes please, fix this. How hard can it be... I understand the workarounds, but this is annoying when you have multiple surfaces and new data requires adjustments. "Just" add the option to swap surfaces in a volume surface so life is a little easier. 

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