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Where is the tutorial for developing python based Bifrost operator

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Where is the tutorial for developing python based Bifrost operator

The Bifrost document(link) says an operator can be written in Python. I am wondering where is the detailed instruction or example. 


In addition, does Bifrost have a plan to provide a Houdini-Point-Wrangle type of operator in the future version? I think this kind of script-based operator can significantly improve the flexibility and customization in the procedural modeling & animation usages. 



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The SDK isnt available yet. I assume this link is not for the public.

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I am also interested and learning how to create custom nodes in python to extend the limitations of trying to create cumbersome graph connections once typing a few lines of codes would do the job. 

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There is no python support for Bifrost yet, inside the graph (if that is what you are asking), however, check heydoubleu work and compounds and Pyfrost node maybe you can get ideas.


There is an SDK available as well in C++ where you can create your own nodes

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