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Resample Strandes can t find

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Resample Strandes can t find



I have a problem in bifrost, i want to follow some youtube tutorial but when i will load a resampleStrandes i can t find it in the list. Have i to download it ? 


Thanks 🙂


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resample_strand is a native node since Bifrost 2.7.0



for older versions you need maximes compounds.



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Ok thanks for your answer. But what compounds from maximes replace the resamplestrandes? I allready have his compounds pack 2.1.1 .



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It does have the same name. Are you sure you have installed it correctly?


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Hum i think .

I have copy the compouds from mjcg in the folder autodesk C:\Users\autodesk\bifrost\compounds

i see the copied compounds in graph editor.

i have copy the graphs folder in program files, i can use his graphs in maya.

i also can t find a file with this name in the folder of mjcg that i download

Is my process correct? Maybe i need to dowload a older packs than the 2.1.2
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in reply to: g_hydrio

I Don't understande 😞 i have search for hours and impossible to find that file.. i have try differents pack version of mjcg. that's crazy 😞 

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in reply to: g_hydrio

Christopher gave you the wrong info. Resample strands have never been part of the MCG compounds. 

It was part of the Rebel Package now part of BF since 2.7 I believe. Depending on the version of BF that you are using you need to install the correct version of the rebel package. 


Which you can find here 

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in reply to: g_hydrio

Thanks man ! So i'm not crazy! ok I will search the good pack. 

Thanks!! your the best 🙂 

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Sorry for the confusion. 

I mixed it up with resize_strands.


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