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Terminal Port Warnings

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Terminal Port Warnings

Hi. I have just downloaded the Hyuu Bifrost Compounds pack and am getting warnings on the terminal ports on many nodes: Port description is not a terminal definition input port or not referenced in the graph


Am using Maya2020.4, Bifrost and Rebel pack 0.4.2. I am assuming others are successfully using this pack so not sure what is up with it for me? I know this pack is made of standard nodes and a rebel pack so should work?


Screenshot from 2023-05-16 18-21-28.png

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Go inside the compound and see where the warning is coming from. Is working fine here from 2022 to 2024. 
Make sure you have the right rebel package depending on the BF version you have. I tried from 2.6 and up and was working fine. 

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Thanks for checking that for me! Sounds like 2020 is not fully compatible with this. Will try later versions of maya. Cheers!

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