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Emit emission from ramp

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Emit emission from ramp


I'd like to be able to use a ramp as a source of particles emmision with bifrost, is this possible?

Basically, I have an elongated character, from it's tail I'd like particles to be emitted - and for the amount of particles being emitted to fade from 1-0 up the character rather than just being cut off at a specific point up the body. I was hoping to use a ramp (that uses the model's UV's) to control this.


I have tried using Maya's nParticles for this, although I couldn't seem to figure out how to make it's particles decrease in size and opacity over their life time, and it was a bit buggier than particle sims that I've managed with Bifrost before...


Any quick help would be greatly appreciated!

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You have to bake the ramp into vertexcolors. That should do it.

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Thank you, I'll see if I can figure that out!

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