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Proxy switching is not working with different variants - USD , Bifrost , Maya 2023

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Proxy switching is not working with different variants - USD , Bifrost , Maya 2023

Hi ,


I have issue switching to proxy . When im in Var01 , nothing is shown when i turn on proxy . But, when i'm in Var02 , proxy.usd is loaded when i turn on proxy . I followed exactly as the video ( And still have no idea how it happened . File attached for checking  . Thanks 


# Error: Failed verification: ' handle.isValid() ' -- Cannot get path from invalid object handle


System : Windows 10 x64 , Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000

USD plug in : 0.16.0

Arnold plug in : MTOA 5.1.0
Maya 2023

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in reply to: shyhlei.cha

Hi there, I also got the same problem. I created a variantset with 2 objects. The one is showing when I switch them up and the other one does not show at all. Somehow the mesh won't import correctly. (when I import it via maya import, the whole mesh is showing correctly) Did you solve the problem? 

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in reply to: zs009JL53P

What version of BF and Maya USD are you using? 

Is working correctly here, using 2.7.1 and USD 0.23

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