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Procedural Polygon Generation

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Procedural Polygon Generation

I'd like to present my latest project that I call "Procedural Polygon Generation"


It is heavily inspired by a presentation that Maxime Jeanmougin gave at the GDC 2022.

In the presentation he shows a system that can be used to procedurally create buildings at Platinum Games.

According to him, this system is based on the work of Akira Saito, who described the concept back in 2019.


My system works similar to the one Maxime described.

Polygons are split and extruded. The newly created polygons are assigned face tags, which are collections of faces to which further operations can be applied.


For the Extrude function I used the ingenious nodes written by the user HeyDoubleU from the Discord group "Bifrost Addicts".



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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

Here are some ideas for new nodes.
Please vote.

  • Transform faces (move/rotate/scale along/around center/normal)
  • Chip off
  • Scale Edge
  • Wedge
  • Multi-Instance (a number of instances on each face, for handrails, raster)
  • Mult-cut + transform edges (e.g. roof)
  • Grow/shrink selection
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  • Chip off
  • Wedge

Those two sound most interesting.

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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

- Chip Off 

- Grow/Shrink Selection

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