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Coloring a Bifrost liquid

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Coloring a Bifrost liquid

Hi, this period I was trying to color a liquid. This is a test.

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Looks great!

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I tried to create a video to explain how to reorder the bifrost liquid indices and it can be used with bifrost graph

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I will try later today looks v good many thanks for making tutorial thomas 

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how would you use a jpg or colorset to colour the liquid instead of ID or I suppose after the IDs have been reordered


I have no idea where I would put "get geo colorset "  and set it as a color property    any ideas 





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You can use "get_closest_locations" and get the color from the mesh.

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Hi andrea.  hey many thanks - I will give it a go - I have done that tutorial once before 


kind regards



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I'll try to make a video about that.
But this thread on Discord is really useful.

I hope that help you. 🙂



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hey many thanks again


I never knew there was a gaussian blur node !    I will have a go when I have some free time later today  


Id say I have a 60% chance of working it out ! 


cheers thomas 


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Hi Andrea


I used the closest CPV compound  and that works to an extent except I get clear cut lines of my colours they don't merge.  I tried to use just the set geo property  and get the geo property my cpv colorset and apply it to the mesh output after the particles have been reorded but this doesn't work I think because its meshes and not a single mesh 


I basically want my colours from the start to merge and flow with the sim  I live in hope any ideas cheers thomas 

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Could you post a video of the scene, or an example of the result you want to achieve?

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hi. happy new year many thanks for getting back to me   I have some tubes which are different colours I want them to mix as the liquid emits and falls - should be mixing like paint but using the transfer closest CPV I get a stripy jumper effect which just hovers in space like a projection. any help gratefully received !   kind regards. Thomas 





transfer closest cpv.jpg


color banding.jpg

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