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Convert to volume and make push force

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Convert to volume and make push force

Hello my friends!


Could you help me for:


1) Convert the result of the Absolute Value node to volume


2) After #1 create a vector that's going to point towards the direction where the greatest change is happening and that is going to help us to create a force that we can use to displace particles


3) Create a velocity Control to Push the particles from the high-frequency oscillations areas to areas with low oscillation


Thank you 🙂



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in reply to: Fajota

I just responded to you on the discord but for whoever is not there, you need to grab the result of the absolute node and put it into a property/attribute and then convert it into a volume SDF and convert that property into a field so you can grab the gradient and create the field that you need.  Then you can use it in your sim. 




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in reply to: sepu6

Thank you @sepu6 ! You are awesome!

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in reply to: Fajota

Hi @sepu6 !

How can I animate the motion of particles in the path of those created lines?

Could you help me?

Could you help me?

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