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Color remap channel greyed out for bifrostliquid Material

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Color remap channel greyed out for bifrostliquid Material


I am quite new to maya and bifrost. I am doing a University project and have a problem.


I am trying to colour a sphere of liquid, with 2 different colours, using the color remap channel being set to density and then I would manually paint the density onto the object. 

The weird thing about this all is that before taking a break from University I managed to achieve this after installing vray.



However after coming back, the option to colour remap is now greyed out and I can't figure out what to do (clicking the little arrow down button doesn't do anything)



Do you think I need a clean reinstall of everything, or am I missing something? I am also curious if there is another, maybe more efficient way to have a liquid with different colours in specific locations?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't think the BiFrost Liquid Material is used or supported any longer by any of the renderers. Here's the Arnold Documentation on rendering bifrost:

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