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Cryptomatte - C4DtoA setting

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Cryptomatte - C4DtoA setting

Hi! What is the correct method to add the cryptomattte AOVs with C4DtoA? I tried to use it with the provided script in the user guide but I get some issues to read it in fusion.

I get this error:

...agic Design\Fusion\Modules\Lua\cryptomatte_utilities.lua:323: attempt to index a nil value

stack traceback:

...agic Design\Fusion\Modules\Lua\cryptomatte_utilities.lua:323: in function 'parse_manifest'

...\Roaming\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Fuses\cryptomatte.fuse:425: in function <...\Roaming\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Fuses\cryptomatte.fuse:413>

Cryptomatte1 failed at time 0


Maybe I need to change something in the Crypto Driver?


The Cryptomatte node works fine in fusion because I already tested with the Cryptomatte sample images so I'm thinking that my issue are in C4D.

The scene are attached. Thanks!

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Your scene looks good to me, the EXR loads fine in Nuke. I have no Fusion, so I can not test it there, but this is the output from my render:

password: crypto

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Hi @Peter Horvath! Your file works perfect in fusion, maybe I'm doing something wrong in C4D, I'll try to reinstall the cryptomatte and re-render the file.

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in reply to: cdordelly09

I already reinstall the Cryptomatte and works perfect, thanks Peter!

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Im having the same problem, how did you do you install for c4d? I followed the guide in the C4Dtoa Doc but no luck

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in reply to: cdordelly09

Hi @Frederick Ross, I only re downloaded the cryptomatte shader from the AL site and reinstalled just like the instructions. Be sure that you are downloading the build for your OS.

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