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Suggestions to Improve Forms

Suggestions to Improve Forms

Since myself and my team have been using the ‘Forms’ function more on ACC, we have came across some blockers along the way.


For example when I am creating a template in forms, for one of my questions I chose the ‘drop-down’ option. I then realised that you can only have 10 options for this selection. This is also the same for single-select response option. This is slightly frustrating when we do need more options to fulfil the question appropriately.


Another query that I came across was if making things bold was an option? I understand rightly that the main title comes across bold but the question titles don’t. This would be a really handy tool to have to make the question stand out more.


For example, where it says ‘Project Manager Name’ could this section potentially be made bold if needed? (Please see attachment)


Also the numbering of the questions for example if 7.1 was the main question and you wanted to add a sub question could this be 7.1.1 instead of 7.2? (Screenshot also relates)


Lastly is there a solution to having the text on the line below instead of 1 long line? For example, in word or even email you can click the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key to bring your text line down one, you can’t seem to operate this in forms while creating the template.

You can only do this for the description of the title not the dropdown selection box.

(Please see attachment)


Thank you

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