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Construction Cloud Activity Log API or UI

Construction Cloud Activity Log API or UI

Copied from Autodesk BIM 360 Ideas Hub. Credit given to user @arsen.safaryan


Since its inception, BIM360 used to have an activity log in the admin panel as well as on the project in Docs. Now that we have moved to Autodesk Construction Cloud it is unavailable. Moreover, it is unavailable/not exposed via the APIs. Please, as a matter of urgency, expose the API for the user/project activity log and then think about adding it to the UI at least for admins. 

Community Manager

Hi Ryan, thank you for the feedback.

User/Project Activity data for Autodesk Construction Cloud is now available as part of the Data Connector API. Please refer to this blog post (link) for details on how to get started using this. 

In addition, we are working on an in-product activity log for project admins. This is a priority item and we can share more details once ready. Thank you!


@Manu.Venugopal that data that is provided via the Data Connector app only tells you that something happened.  It doesn't tell you the really important thing, Who.  So while it provided a ton of data sure, it's missing the most important thing.  Second - you only get a 30 day window.  Lastly it only goes back 12 months.  This is not a replacement for what was a really good tool on BIM360.  Why does Autodesk continue to remove functional, needed services from products and then raise the price.  

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