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Option to Hide Released Version in Thin Client when moved to WIP

Option to Hide Released Version in Thin Client when moved to WIP

In a job shop environment, changes occur like anywhere else. However, more often than not, when a post release change has occured you need to pull the released version of the model, drawing or documentation. You DON'T want people to carry on using the released version while you work on a new one in a Work In Progress (Non-Released State).


Currently the only option in the Thin Client is to only display Released Versions... or to display all versions. Which is perfect in a production environment.


Please add the option to hide Released Versions if there is a newer Non-Released version. This will ensure the workshop don't accidentally use information which is essentially incorrect.


You could simply leverage the 'Latest Version' property on Released objects and filter out any objects where the value is False.

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Scott, how would you know which previous released verstion should or shouldn't be used? What is your thoughts on an option that will allow both?


I just spoke to my colleague about this, trying to figure out what you are asking me... An interesting point of difference came out of the conversation. 


I'm still not sure what you mean by 'both' in the context of my original post. But I suppose there are two scenarios here:


  1. My point is that without electronic documentation, the document control manager (or whoever is responsible), would go out onto the shop floor and remove all the released copies of the drawings. This needs to be an option in the Thin Client, and can be achieved using the 'Latest Version' property.
  2. Currently, there is no setting to only display the Latest Released Version of files. This means the Thin Client displays, Released Revision A, B & C etc... opening up the possibility for the end user to use the incorrect released revision.

Colleague here....


From my point of view, we need the flexibility for, at least, the following scenarios:



  • Show all released revisions of files
  • Show all versions of files
  • Show only latest released revisions of files



  • Show all items
  • Show all released items
  • Show only latest released revision of an item.

Sorry, I missed an important scenario. There should also be the following option:


Hide all versions/revisions if tip (latest) version is in a non-released state.


The way this would play out, if selected, is that as soon as a file was lifecycled to a non-released state (e.g. WIP), then all previous versions and revisions would be hidden in the web client, until such time as the file was released again.


Would it be possible to have a watermark on the dwf to show the file exists, but in "WIP"?

Or remove the dwf file if the state moves from released to wip?


Personally I think the option will result in it being removed from view if it moves from Released to WIP. Rather than a Watermark.


We have gone paperless and having the option to hide previous versions would be great, as we do not want people manufacturing old versions by mistake.


I cross this bridge every time I implement a release process for a client... in a more fast paced environment I could see this being useful.  I have been able to achieve what you want by NOT utilizing the "Show Only Released Versions", BUT by handling this by Group Security.  I have total control over what shows and when it shows by applying the right Group Security to each State.  Any Document Consumer will not have read access to the file if it is in any other state other than "Released" so therefore if the file goes back to WIP, then it will NOT show in the Web Client, AT ALL.  Once it goes back to Released, they will be able to see it.


I agree that a UI option would be much better as adding Group Securities can become messy and hard to manage over time.


I think it was generally the intended behavior that if the design was good enough to be released before, that  rev can stand until the new rev is released.  That said, I understand your intensions.  I would ask the following question, "if the design is hidden during the change, wouldn't that frustrate the workshop by not finding it at all?"  Generally, I train people to look for the icon indicating a change order is pending (if you use COs). 


I will also offer another option that you can test.  If you are in a file-based lifecycle environment, I have found that you can do the following:  In the WIP state security, set the workshop group to not have read access to the files in that state.  It will effectively hide files in the WIP state until they are re-released.  I don't like it myself, because it causes files to 'disappear' for a period of time.  "I know that file was in there yesterday. . ."



on my side I allways gets the request to:

  • Show only Released file (we have)
  • Show only the latest Released file (ideastation from scootmoyse)
  • Show only the latest version

Have the ability to apply to a specific group and not for everybody...


My 2 cents.





Being on vault 2012 I find it frustrating that when a file is changed from Released to WIP that the drawing is no longer visible on shop floor. We want to carry on with current release until built. A flag on the head/master on a per file basis that allowed drawing to be put "on hold" and removed from system when changed to Wip would be the most flexible, with a system option to default to show latest released or hide released when in WIP state.


We have a client who has made a similar request.  They want just the thin client users to see only the lates released file while the engineering and design group would have access to the history of the files.  Just having that as an option would be a positive improvement.


Absolutely agree with the scenarios presented above. All in the name of fool-proofing, and making sure that the right revision (and only the tip version of the latest revision), would be great.




Hi, Experts!


Extend these features to the desktop client too. The administrator should control this behavior for users and groups.



Hi all,


Same question from our Vault customers. They want to show only the latest released revision (not old released revision).

Another option to hide the file if this one is on a none-released state (without customizing the lifecycle in order to achieved this for Thin Client).


Thanks in advance.



Reading through this string while looking for answers regarding something else, I will ask that at the end, I would like to put my situation out there. We are a job shop with a very fast turn around on revisions on drawings for our fabricators. We Would NEVER use a legacy print to make a part. If they have access to an old drawing while the latest is being revised I can guarantee it will get built wrong, it has happened. I am not happy with the "settings" section of the thin client due to lack of customization on viewable content. My 2 cents.


Boot strapped on this topic I am trying to find a way to only show .dwg and .idw files and omit all other inventor file types. This is obviously another addition I would like to see in the thin client. trying to make it work now I am at a loss. any suggestions?


Jason Mayes


You need to leverage category rules, and have a category for idw/DWG. Then assign a custom Lifecycle to the category. You need to use state based security to control which for type people can and can't see.
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Are we getting any updates on this issue? This looks like an essential for Vault mentality.

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