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iLogic Rules are not updating in Copy Design

iLogic Rules are not updating in Copy Design

Problem: While using Copy Design tool the rules that have "Part names" are not updating themselves.


Solution: While Copy Design is working, it should override the rules as such:


Say we have a rule which uses a part named "Part1.ipt". Copy design should "Search and Replace" all the rules that has the string "Part1.ipt" to lets say "New Part1.ipt"


We have some assemblies ( as end products ) that has extensive ilogic rules. These rules consist of rules that are dependent on particular parts in the entire assembly. Every other customer of ours have different dimensions on their site. So we basically give out the parameters to our model ( like external length etc ) and the model updates itself. 


Once we have the end model, we would want to copy the entire .iam to Vault but there is a problem. We want to change all the part and assembly names according to customer and vault it. If we change one part name, the rules which depend on parts does not update.


Say we have a part named Part1.ipt. We change this part name ( with Copy design/ilogic design copy etc ) to Part2.ipt. The rule inside the assembly will stay as Part1.ipt.


Do we have a component to copy .iam files while also changing the names inside the rules? And if not, can we get an updated version of Copy Design which also deals with rules as explained above. This feature shouldn't be really hard as you can read all the rules and just "Search & Replace" command could replace every single Part1.ipt to Part2.ipt.


It would be a nice feature to have in certain cases, I agree.  However, have you considered just using named components instead?  I learned to get around this issue way back when I first began doing iLogic by using component names instead of file names.  When parts are referenced in an iLogic rule, such as Component.Replace("OriginalPart.ipt", "NewPart.ipt", True), it is actually the parts name in the browser which is used, not the filename.  This is easy not to notice since Inventor names the assembly components by their filenames by default.  But using named components lets rules operate on components irrespective of their filenames.  For example, I have an assembly model of a shaft with a bearing and a snap ring.  The part files are named Customer_1.bearing.ipt and Customer_1.snapring.ipt.  If I rename these components in the browser tree in Inventor to "Bearing" and "Ring", then all I need do is reference the parts by these names in my iLogic rules, and they will always work, regardless of what the part file name ends up being in the assembly.  


Hello @JamesNordgren,


We started using your way and its pretty cool, we've also worked around another way reading strings from file names and creating rule for every other component. Our way is a bit longer but both works.


Still though, we need this implemented.

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I am running into this and it is causing problems Smiley Sad Please implement this...not that it'll help me since I'm leaving for a new job in a few days and I'll be going back to using Creo!! Smiley Very Happy I have found IV to be a pretty bad program since I learned Creo first. Just sayin...

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