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Geospatial integration

Geospatial integration

Make Vault Geospatial aware so we can be on a par with ProjectWise. Bentley have made a play of their BIM and GIS integration on both cross rail and London 2012 Olympic projects with projectwise.

Conceptually we could embed FDO in vault to extract the metadata inclduing geographic extents from SHP files, MapInfo Tab files and indeed any geospatial data source. Would also be useful to extract the geographic extents (MBR Minimum boundaing rectangle ) of Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map dwg files and store as Metadata so that we execute geographic searches against Vault.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Future Consideration
Anthony, thank you for posting this idea. As we look forward to expanding the BIM and GIS integrations we will review this idea.
Thanks for sharing your Idea. We use this forum to guide product development and help users in the best way we can based on voting. We occasionally merge Ideas or archive old ones to keep the forum working properly- it ensures there is room for people to review new Ideas and that the most relevant and meaningful ones can gain votes. We’re archiving this Idea because it's been on the board for well over a year and hasn't received many votes from the community. If you want to raise it again and try to gain more support, you're welcome to do so. We’ve found that pictures and mock-ups can help get concepts across and win more votes from other users. If you have questions or see a connection between this Idea and others, let us know. - Vault product team
Status changed to: Archived

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