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  • Autodesk Technology Manager Roadmap

    These projects are aimed at helping you save time with increased efficiency and more control. Visit the roadmap to see what has recently been launched, what is in progress and what we have planned.

  • Get the Best Value with a Multi-Year Subscription

    We’re always looking for ways to enhance and improve the tech admin experience with Autodesk. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to get the greatest return on your Autodesk investment by allowing you to lock in the price of your software for three years.

  • Simplify User Management with Single Sign-On & Directory Sync

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less password to worry about? We’ve made it easier for admins on all Autodesk plans to do exactly this. With single sign-on (SSO), you can maintain one email/password combo per user. For our Premium admins, you can take the benefits of SSO even further by combining it with directory sync – so you can manage users across your organization and Autodesk’s user management platform at the same time, directly from your organization’s directory groups.

  • We’re Making Improvements to the Admin Experience

    Roads, buildings, movies – they can’t be built by one person alone. It takes dedicated, experienced teams to design and build the amazing projects that Autodesk customers create across industries. As a technology admin, we want you to know that Autodesk is here to support you with continuous improvements to save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity, so you can better manage your teams and get the most value from your software.

  • Disable Users’ Ability to Install Updates via Autodesk Access

    Autodesk Access is the new desktop application for installing product updates on Windows devices. This new application provides the ability for users to install their own updates, as long as they have install permissions. This application is built with administrator controls in mind, so if you want to prevent your users from installing updates from Access, you can do so. All users will still have Access available so that they can get information about updates that may impact them.

  • New Reporting Tools Are Here To Increase Visibility and Productivity

    Let’s review the new features you have access to in the new reporting experience. You now have the ability to use a custom date picker and column selector to further personalize the way you display your reporting data.

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