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Custom Anchor Size

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Custom Anchor Size



I am looking to use a 1 3/8"dia x 1'-9" long F1554 anchor with a head or welded nut at the end. I do not see this size or grade as an option when creating a baseplate using the steel connections on Revit 2023. I have looked around on the internet and cannot seem to find out how to add an anchor that is not already listed. I am wondering how I can go about inserting this anchor into my model somehow. I am not sure if this is something that could be added as a parameter to the steel connections, or if it needs to be a custom family. 


I have a second question related to creating baseplates. I would like to add 3/4" grout underneath my baseplate and am wondering if there are any resources to show me how to do this. 


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The anchors them self come from a  database associated with revit and the connection macro.  

however to add an anchor you have to do in a series of tables.


this data for this comes from an original data used in advance steel, which has an editor feature for bolts and anchors.


in advance steel is was call astorbase. 

not sure that there is a corresponding interface for Revit to edit bolts.


John Bennett
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