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Wrap finish layers at Wall / Ceiling Soffit joins

Wrap finish layers at Wall / Ceiling Soffit joins

I should be able to join a ceiling with 3 5/8" mtl studs and 5/8" GWB and a soffit wall with 3 5/8" mtl studs and GWB and have the layers wrap and miter together. Its super annoying that it doesn't work with the join geometry command.




You have to select the "Extend into Wall Core" option when drawing the ceiling. The gyp layers will then join when you use the "Join Geometry" tool. 


Please add this!  I can't believe this is still a problem.  It's a basic architectural detail, why it hasn't been fixed is beyond explanation.  It's especially a problem when working with rated assemblies with multiple layers.  The options for wrapping are there in the ceiling family, but are greyed out.  Why are they there but aren't functional?  Please activate this feature!  (The suggestion above to extend to core doesn't fix the issue, it just adjusts where your boundary lines are drawn if you use the "pick wall" feature to draw your ceiling sketch.)


Especially agree on the multiple layers comment. Having a lot of problems with some layers joining but not others on a wall and ceiling with the same layers, functions, and materials. You can see the layers on this outer corner aren't meshing together, and redoing the join order just gives me the condition in the second pictue. Not sure why ceiling-to-wall joins don't behave like wall-to-wall joins. Join Condition 1.pngJoin Condition 2.png


Using the cut profile tool gets you this: it's closer but a tedious process and there is no control over lineweights on cut profiles.


Cut Profile Solution.png

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