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The option to Tag All in "Selected Views"

The option to Tag All in "Selected Views"

It would be great if we can use the "Tag All Not Tagged" function to tag in addition to "in current view" only. The option should also contains the ability to tag all selected views other than the current view. This idea mainly to target Space Tags.


For example: I want to tag Spaces to this single level but I have multiple view representing different details. The process at the moment is to open up that view and then use the tag all function to tag that opened view only. Imagine I have 10 of these views which means I have to go through the same process 10 times. And if I have 10 levels, that means I need to repeat this 100 times. This is very time consuming and I'm sure Revit can do better with the automation task.


Obviously with a bit of planning I can tag the parent view first before I start duplicating with details. However if the space has changed or additional spaces were generated, this process is not avoidable.


Tag All 1.png



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