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Shared Parameters Search Box

Shared Parameters Search Box

There should be a Shared Parameters Search Box on both the 'Shared Parameters' and'Edit Shared Parameters' menu, just above the Parameter Group drop down menu.

At the present moment not having the option to search for Parameters in the Shared Parameter File leads to a lot of duplication and the creation of similar parameters. This leads to disparity between your Revit Templates, Schedules and Family Library, and fixing them is a tedious and expensive task.

Having a Search Box will also greatly reduce the time you spend on searching for the right Parameter.

Introducing a simple Search Box to the Shared Parameters menu can greatly improve our Revit Experience and save us a lot of frustration, time and money.

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This idea has been posted before but hasn't gained much traction.


The simple function of a search bar for Shared Parameters would be very useful; creating Shared Parameter groups can only go so far.


Large practices can create hundreds of shared parameters and with the implementation of BIM Level 2/3, the data required will be vast resulting in many more shared parameters that need to be scheduled.


Please add this and make us more efficient! It’s like searching a needle in a haystack sometimes even if very organized by groups. 





I think it should look the same as in the Project parameter list.

The Revit UI is a mess





The user needs to edit the Shared Parameter under the Manage of the menu bar and often finds it difficult to scroll & filter many parameters. It is best to allow a user input field for the required selection that minimizes the scrolling.


Only 7 years later and still something that is needed.  I have to search an Excel spreadsheet of the Shared Parameter file to check if a parameter exists and then find which grouping it is in.  

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