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Shaft openings: symbolic line - bug

Shaft openings: symbolic line - bug

Not really a new function, rather an improvement/bug.


When changing the symbolic lines in a shaft opening to a different line style, the previous one reappears when you finish the sketch.

Shaft 1.JPGShaft 2.JPGShaft 3.JPGShaft 4.JPG


If you delete and redraw the symbolic lines, it works just fine. But ofcourse this takes up way more time than just changing the line style.


The best thing what you can do is contact technical support. They will contact you whitin 2 business days and try to find a work around.
The bug will get lost here and they will never notice. Last week I reported bugs which seems to exist for many years. There are no problems if nobody complains...


Revit 2022: still not working.

The only way I found is to delete the lines and draw it again....

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