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Revisions - Additional rows per Revision Sequence

Revisions - Additional rows per Revision Sequence

Revisions currently only allow one row of information for each sequence number.


I would like to list multiple changes/revisions under one revision.  So it would be great to have the option to add "sub" rows under each revision sequence.


This would be a nice management feature. I always find my Revision description becoming quite long (sometimes it feels like articles) if I have the same revision notes that I need to populate on multiple sheets.


This would be very helpful. Sometimes the revision description can be come ridiculously long with notes not applicable to all sheets...


I definitely think that an additional parameter to group revisions (perhaps by date??) would be helpful. Our revisions are sheet specific, which means that even thought there are 10 updates on one sheet it still only serves as one revision to the sheet.


Managing this is not possible on Revit at the moment.... it results in manual work which is not BIM


At least allow up to add additional Revision Parameters to our schedules - that might be a good start!



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