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Print using a sheet or revision schedule

Print using a sheet or revision schedule

Wish there was a way to print based on what sheets are showing up on the drawing list. We could accomplish this in dynamo but i feel like it would be something everyone would want to do all the time.


I couldn't agree more!


Please implement control of Sheet Sets by parameter.

I am currently producing information for 4 concurrent contracts within one project/building with circa 230 sheets so far.

I need to be able to print sheets relative to the contract they relate to which is defined by a sheet parameter (for 'volume' in the BS EN ISO 19650 system).



Thank you @BPeterson_KahlerSlater for the pyRevit suggestion; very useful.

However, this only allows to print from filtered schedule (amazing) but not to export DWGs for example. When this gets added to Revit, please ensure it has full control over all outputs. Currently this could work if we could create/manage sheet sets using a view/sheet schedule because that could then be used for DWG exports too.


When plotting a drawing revision set,  there should be an option to select all the sheets that have been revised and clouded for a particular issue.


Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


The Factory


Great, thank you for considering this excellent suggestion from @_andyman  and everyone else.


In the mean time, for anyone who needs this kind of functionality now, I have been using the DiRoots plugin called ProSheets (as well as some of their others) and it does an excellent job.


Under print, you can select and save "selected views/sheets" to print, give them names etc.  There should be an option to print "all sheets with revision description xxx" or,   "all sheets with xxx date".  Basically, a way to print drawing sets based on a parameter.  There could also be an option to "print all sheets referenced in schedule "xxx""  in a drop-down menu, allowing users to pick existing drawing schedules within the Revit file.  


Get pyRevit > Revision > Create Revised Sheet Set > Choose Revision > Print the Sheet Set.





Hi, @josh.irons ,


This Idea has been accepted: Print using a sheet or revision schedule - Autodesk Community


Thank you for your submission!



@ToanDNI have really enjoyed exploring pyrevit since it was suggested in this thread and the ability to print a list from a schedule with rule based naming from parameter values is brilliant, and if we used the revision system im sure that would be too; it is a great collection.


However, if it is of any use to anyone, I have found myself using the DiRoots ProSheets add-in more often on my large project because although you can only filter using pre-made sheet sets (as yet), you can output both PDF and DWG at the same time.


@kimberly.fuhrmanplease could you suggest to the team that this multi-format printing/exporting capability is incorporated in the future plans if possible.



DiRoots development team have responded to my feedback and advised additional filter/search functionality is already in the pipeline.



Hi, @pbdbdq ,

Go ahead and add your vote to this Idea:

Batch plot various file formats - Autodesk Community




Thank you @kimberly.fuhrman, I have done.

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In Revit if I want to export a bunch of PDF drawings,  I have to create specific drawing sets.  Why can't I just use a schedule of sheets to tell Revit, which sheets I want to export?

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Can you make it so that we can filter what gets printed per a revision? sometimes I need to just print sheets that are revised and it's 30+ sheets (for example) and I just have to write down which sheets changed and filter them out in the print dialog. Through some simple coding, you can print sheets that just have "Revision 1" in  the revision schedule, etc .... 

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Being able to select within the standard UI "Print REV C pages" without having to go through and select only the pages that have changed from REV B for printing would be a super clean and efficient addition. 


Functionally, REVIT's system would be able to determine which sheets are displaying specific Revision Clouds linking to a specific revision and then collate these pages as a set to print. 


Once a drawing index schedule has been created it would be great if that could tie to the print order of sheets.


When selecting sheets to print I would to be able to filter all the sheets for a particular issue.   One option could be "Per Title Sheet" and it would select all the sheets that are listed on the title sheet.   Other option would select all the sheets for a revision issue.   


My office creates a lot of design option sheets that don't end up being part of the construction set.   I have also had the problem of missing sheets when printing a revision issue.   Printing is always the last thing done after cramming to get the project finished.   your stressed.  your tired.  your boss is freaking out.  it is far to easy to miss sheets.    

Auto create Print Sets with sheets that contain revisions clouds.


pyRevit has an option to print a set from a drawing list and creates a print set from it. It also has a function to create a revised print set based on a particular revision.


Get pyRevit here:

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