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Point Cloud On and Off Button or Hotkey

Point Cloud On and Off Button or Hotkey

As point clouds continue to gain popularity, it would be nice to have a button or hotkey that will turn on and off the point cloud.  Right now the workflow is VV-Point Cloud Tab-toggle on/off.  This is just really slow and it shouldn't take a $5,000 third party software to do the trick.


Just an idea I hope you really take a close look at.


We use View Templates for this, our company template defines what View Templates show Point Clouds or not. While your building up your template just temporary drop 1 Point Cloud to make build up View Templates. Delete it afterwards, but your template is now ready to show or not show Point Clouds as your project progresses.


But a small button (one of the many) in the View Control Bar could not hurt.




So it s 4 years now and there is still no toggle for point clouds? would you please autodesk? we need it!

  • I also want a hot key for toggle point cloud in revit. It is lengthy process by using VV or VG. Autodesk should give a short cut key for toggle point cloud.
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1) I usually hide the cloud data by Using EH/HH Command & whenever it required then I simply hit RH (Reveal Hidden Elements)

 Second Method

2) By using Dynamo Script (I personally prefer go with Dynamo)
and the sad thing about dynamo script  is this don't work during group edit.
Here the Simple Script 👇




Could we please have a Shortcut option for the "Tick" (Show point cloud in this view), instead of Typing "VV" and then using your mouse to "tick and Untick", There should be a Shortcut option for this, for Example... to "tick/Untick" Type "PD" (this will Show/Hide Pointcloud in every view) easy as that, Thanks

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