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Override Visibility and Graphic Display of selected Elements

Override Visibility and Graphic Display of selected Elements

When selecting element(s) please make it possible to pop-up a window for Override Visibility and Graphic Display of the selected elements. Instead of right click. Or add this to the properties bar.
To work faster and have a more efficient workflow.


Never pop-ups at selections. I do not need to overrie everithing that I select. Overrides by elemet should be the last resource; family visualization properties, Objects Styles, template, V/G Overrides, Visibility Filters are the option to consider prior of element overrides.


This might be best to set up as a key bind. I found it very tedious to right click and navigate to the command so I set my "graphic display override by element" to "oo". Much faster and no software workaround that you have to wait for.

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