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More specific routing preferences

More specific routing preferences

I think we should have more control over which fittings are used in the routing preferences.


  1. Elbows should be able to specified by angle
  2. Tees should have straight and reducing options.
  3. If tees could be specified by angle as well we could have wyes added automatically.
  4. Fittings should have an option to automatically apply weld gaps or couplings in their own category. Not in the flange category.
  5. Flanges should have the options for gaskets and bolt sets
  6. There should be a quick way to switch to taps instead of tees without opening the routing preferences. Like a check box.


I know this might hurt the addins but many addins wouldn't be needed if they just fixed the routing preferences. This would be huge for the fabricating community. Addins are expensive 


Replying to this to bump it up. 




This could be implemented into Revit and it's API in a day.

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