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Modeling with VR Set

Modeling with VR Set

I'd like to suggest building a functionality to Model a complete project using VR, replacing the old fashion keyboard and mouse.

When you are immersed in the VR space you would have the ability to call out the ribbon tools and other commands normally used with the traditional keyboard and mouse.


  1. You would be able to cal out the Revit Ribon, shortcuts and commands interface to be able to built the model and create construction documents
  2. You would not only have the ability to show case the model with walk thru environment and do changes to colors and finish materials (standard today) but you should have the ability to move, add or remove walls, windows, doors and other families in the project at the same time you interact with your your clients. Including furniture placement and changes to the placement of furniture to see how the space works with different furniture layouts.

The keyboard and mouse have pretty much the same age as the computer or very close. We are in the age of IA and now is the time to offer a better alternative to the old keyboard and mouse.

The development of this type of advanced technology can facilitate that people with physical impairment could use this technology when deployed in various fields, no just in the BIM world.

The possibilities are endless.


Thanks you very much for your attention to this suggestion

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I agree with you! What is currently available on the market focus on the client only, creating VR environments for them. An engineering focused toolset for design in VR would be excellent

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