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Full dark theme

Full dark theme

Revit currently only has the ability through Options>Graphics to change the color of the background which in a small way allows for reduced eye strain but it leaves the browsers etc in white so it is only a part solution.,

as Autodesk did very well with AutoCAD. Thanks for consideration

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Hi @sasha.crotty

My name is Emilia and I am architect working in Sweden.

Maybe in this case with the Dark theme for Revit, a little empathy is needed. I spend around 8 - 9 hours a day working with Revit and by Friday at 10 am my eyes really hurt. I am not sure Autodesk fully understands why Dark Theme is so important. In 2021 all coding software comes with DEFAULT Dark mode and I am yet to see a software engineer, who has changed to white screen…

I have worked with your product for several months and by the end of every day I get headache from the eyestrain triggered by the white screen. I know this is the case for my colleagues as well, just no one will sign up for your forum as it is already a public secret that Autodesk does not care to fix this.


One way to practice empathy is for you @Anonymous.crotty personally to spend 40 hours working week drawing details of a house in Revit following a tutorial perhaps. This way you will understand what all these people mean…


A hopeful architect looking forward to healthier workplace environment with the next version of Revit!



Dark mode in Revit, as it currently stands, is a absolute, total joke of a customization option. This has been pointed out and requested for years. Either remove the feature or implement a full Dark Mode that changes all UI elements save for the drafting/modeling windows that are governed by Options>Graphics>Colors. Stop half-assing it. You did it for AutoCAD, you can, and should, do it for Revit. Silence and inaction on this is inexcusable at this point, and this should not be something we must suggest/request and vote on or ask you about. Just announce it and do it.


Full Suggestion:

Speaking as someone who has helped design software, the fact that you have a dark mode that does not match industry (software design) standard–or even what is present in other software you provide–is pretty appalling. When choosing the 'Dark' theme under Options>User Interface, one would expect the ENTIRE user interface to enter a black/dark theme. Instead, what we get is a medium gray for the Menu Bar, Ribbon Menu header, and a single line below the Ribbon Menu. This IS NOT a "dark theme."


What I expect–and what should be implemented if you plan to leave this "Theme" option in Revit–is all pop-out menus (Project Browser, Properties, Visibility and Graphics, Revisions Manager, etc) as well as the entire Ribbon menu would appear as a darker gray (RGB 60, 60, 60, for instance, is a dark gray), and what is currently changing color (also mentioned above) to a medium gray would turn to a darker gray or even black.


Options>Graphics>Colors should remain untouched and operate as it currently does, as there is nothing wrong with this aspect of color options and honestly this is a very good feature to be able to control separately from UI coloration. But everything else should change to reflect the selected theme. Please implement ASAP, as this has been requested for the past 4 years by various users. At this point, if you plan to maintain Themes as an option exposed to end users, you are overdue for implementing a full Dark Mode.


The Gripe/Salt Section (aka: other users, don't bother responding to this if you aren't in agreeance, I recognize there's a bit more vinegar in what follows than what is probably needed. This, more so than anything else here, is intended for Autodesk community managers looking through the forums/ideas.):

This should no longer be something the community needs to vote on. Period. End of discussion.

At best, continued silence on or dismissal of this request due to "lack of community support/interest" is nothing more than a copout to allow Autodesk to throw more "shiny, new" things at us in a vain attempt to distract us from not listening to our requests of needed features. At worst, it is a blatant disregard to provide accessibility for users that have, for years now, complained about the difficulty of working in a software with so much forced white on the screen in a world of growing awareness of eye strain and other issues revolving around bright, white screens. I expect to see more engagement from your community managers beyond the canned responses of "there is sufficient interest" or a lack thereof within the "appropriate timeframe." Otherwise, let it be forever known that you don't actually listen to your users for useful insight into what you might want to change to better the software, and what our needs even are for it. To me, that seems counter to Autodesk's apparent desire of making Revit the go-to BIM software. Show us you care, even if only a little. Make a full Dark Mode happen. It's 2021.

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Hi, @paul.t.macknight ,


I am going to combine this post with all of the other posts that make the same suggestion. I understand your frustration! I have brought your post to the attention of our product team.




@kimberly.fuhrman ,


Thank you, I know it's probably annoying to have to sift through our repeat requests and tie them together, but I also wanted to try and make my thoughts on the matter a little more visible than simply commenting on an already existing request for the feature.


I appreciate you bringing the post to the attention of your production team. I know it is a concern for software designers to balance the need for adding competitive features and the requests of the community, and I know some of what I said may be a little blunt or harsh, which I somewhat apologize for it, but the lack of apparent news or development on a better Dark Mode has been a growing peeve of mine with Revit, among some other (admittedly more personal taste and less important) issues, and would very much like to see a solution worked on for the community's sake.

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..."not enough community support"...


A quick "Revit Dark Mode" Google search returned 991,000 results.


...The nerve!


Hello everyone,

could someone tell me how to get dark mode in Revit, I have Revit 2021 but as you know the dark theme doesn't get completely dark, there is still ribbon, properties box, and project browser white, and I see some guys(@Ilic.Andrej@ErwinMeulman ) put screenshots and for them is everything dark.


Best regards



It will be awsome to have a fully dark theme for Revit

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This feature is not yet available in the Revit API, but you can watch a video demonstrating the ability to change the user interface without
You can use ready-made Add-on to, for example, COLOR YOUR TABS.
I am attaching a video coloring tabs on belonging to open projects Autodesk Revit.

Video on YouTube:

Colorizing Tabs In Autodesk RevitColorizing Tabs In Autodesk Revit


Theme In Autodesk RevitTheme In Autodesk Revit

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Would love to use a full dark mode for revit like the one that @ErwinMeulman posted.

Let's start a twitter campaign using the hashtag #DarkModeinRevit    :bird:


I want to add to my earlier post, as I recently discovered this:


One of Autodesk's main competition, Bentley, whom Autodesk would be more than happy to squash in order to acquire an effective monopoly on the US market (which they are sadly close to already despite not offering that spectacularly of a better product) and possibly abroad, offers a full Dark Mode UI theme in their options.


In fact, I would like to share someone else's post about why even Sketchup, much as I dislike it even for conceptual because it has limited transferability to Revit, should also have a full Dark Mode UI theme. It should screenshots of multiple software that provide Dark Mode options, some of which (e.g. Rhino) even offer the ability to manipulate specific UI element colors. The least Autodesk could do if they really want to be the "only" BIM option on the market is to provide what their current competitor already does and what the industry has begun to expect.


@Ilic.Andrej  The issue is those are both workarounds (the former I'm not even sure how you managed, since I've used dark theme in Windows 10 since it was released and I have never had that happen). In order to change the colors of a software's UI, we shouldn't have to:

 - Use a tool that changes how all of Windows is displayed

 - Use OS color schemes (even if it matches the color scheme in the software)

 - Alter the hexcode file stored within the software's files

These are all, by definition, workarounds because they are not a solution provided within the software's UI.


Autodesk will be the reason I stop using revit and use just archicad going forward. Its 2021 - pure dark themes are virtually mandatory since pre-covid. Get with the program please, this should be a standard offering without needing votes to begin with!

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What's the status of this Autodesk? Nearly every major program has a dark mode these days, including Windows 10, Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and the iPhone. Just do right by your customers and make it happen.


Plus one on the request, please. By the end of the day my eyes are very tired and would very much welcome a full dark mode.


there are people deep into 2021 still searching for an answer. this request is BASIC! Countless applications that are FREE have user selectable dark UI. All microsoft products offer light & dark options. Autodesk needs to take the millions and make this happen. It doesn't matter if it only affects 1 person. 1 person reports eyestrain and you say not enough people, that's discrimination.


This was posted in 2018 and is STILL not implemented?


Autodesk what's up with this?


"Users have asked for the option to have the program improved significantly. However, we have decided not to because it didn't get enough votes on the website."


Nobody votes on these things due to your loooong history of ignoring them. Why vote if nothing will change? They go purchase archicad instead. 


Users - Hey autodesk, can you add a feature that adds multithreading and speeds up the program by 500%? I've played video games 10 years ago that have more complexity and run smoother.


Autodesk - well we could, and we want to, but we didn't get the votes so nah. You still need a $3,000 machine to run this software for.... reasons. 


This is the frustration of the community right now. And we know Autodesk can do better, because fusion360 is a great program built ground up by Autodesk. Revit is the neglected grandfather. I don't know who is making the decisions on Revit but I think they should let the Fusion360 guys take over instead. We know autodesk can be bleeding edge when you guys want to be. So why not here, now?


Not to be too abrasive. We get frustrated because we care and we've seen what you can do when you dedicate the resources. 






@TaylorLilly Don't worry, I was similarly abrasive with a similar tone in a previous post in this thread, and feel like doing it again.


As for Revit being the neglected grandfather of the group, it's because Autodesk is the EA (Electronic Arts) of the BIM world: They buy things up and haphazardly attempt at making their mishmash of products of external origin work together and try to improve upon them regardless of how the were designed and work together in practice. Revit, for all the good they've managed to eek out of it, was designed with houses in mind. That's right: Houses. This was a program meant for small to medium-large projects in the residential sector.

 - File ballooning? Original devs didn't care because projects were never intended to be so big it was a problem (at least not a major problem), so it was a future issue.

 - Less than ideal revision manager? Residential projects are usually issued on a per project basis, so it didn't matter how they were handled, "Per Sheet" was added in as an after thought in case there was something outside of expectations, but doesn't allow for automation of revisions with asynchronous documents issues.

 - Lack of Revision Schedule row height control? You don't have clients that have exacting and immutable CAD standards in the residential sector, so it doesn't matter if you can fit the Revision Schedule into the revision history of a titleblock; you can just change the titleblock to fit the schedule or even let the schedule itself control the lines.

That and many other issues are a result of Autodesk ignoring foundational issues with the software in favor of catering to folks in the executive level of companies like ours that don't understand the flaws of the software, luring them into using Autodesk with pretty words and "shiny" features that distract from the underlying lack of response and commitment to the community at large. Autodesk is great at one thing: marketing.


At this point, as "great" as it is, Revit should be scrapped as the flagship, and only have bug fix updates and software support while Autodesk builds a new software from the ground up, which is what they should have done to begin with instead of buying a software that was never intended for primary use in the commercial, industrial, or other non-residential sectors. Buy all means, keep core concepts (Revit Families are fantastic, for example), but overall the software needs such an overwhelming overhaul, it should just be redone from scratch at this point.


But, alas, it HAS become the industry standard, and to be successful in moving up one must become extremely proficient in Revit and all the necessary workarounds due to lazy management (in Autodesk) that doesn't allot the proper funds to Revit devs in a way that provides meaningful improvements to the end users.


Hope this was sufficiently abrasive toward Autodesk to show that it is indeed not just you that is feeling frustrated with how Autodesk handles their software and our feedback.


@paul.t.macknight Good points. I've submitted a new idea on the idea board. I know it won't get traction, but it helps me vent my frustration. 


They need to rebuild from the ground up. Everyone agrees I think. Nobody opens Revit, that I know of, and says to themselves "yeah this feels good, nice and smooth". It makes an entire generation of designers miserable. "Oh, another hosting error now all the toilets in the project deleted themselves, AND rotating the 3d view takes 15 seconds just to load each time I click the mouse. AND the UI is screaming at my strained eyeballs a brilliant white" that's how I feel at this point. We know they're capable of great things with the right leadership. 

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Pourquoi Autodesk Revit 2022 n'a-t-il pas de mode sombre ?

C'est la première option que j'ai vérifié après l'avoir installé.


Autodesk se fout de la santé de notre vue, c'est honteux.


Ce n'est pas une question de point de vue que l'on peut résoudre en votant, c'est une question de vue tout court.

La vue de vos clients

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Yes! I vote dark theme!

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