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Duct/Pipe Insulation

Duct/Pipe Insulation

Is it possible to integrate an option in Revit that allows users to select their preferred insulation type and thickness when modeling a duct or pipe, rather than having to add it as a separate step?


Insulation to be part of ducting and piping families and not separate  , but can scheduled separately, and you can choose your insulation at the same time when you model a duct/pipe


Yes being able to have insulation added as you draw ducting systems would be great. A default option for us.


Insulation needs to be a subcategory of Duct/Pipe. At the moment you can have the insulation that's on a different phase, & different workset.


To edit the phase of the insulation you have to edit each piece individually, as you can't select insulation! 


Yes, being able to set up the INSULATION SCHEDULE for pipe inside the family would be great!


Or what about being able to PICK the insulation family from within the pipe family, and have the insulation come in automatically?


Insulation thickness is primarily a function of the properties of the fluid inside the pipe or duct.  The type of fluid can be known from the system type that is applied to ductwork/piping.  I would like to be able to choose insulation type and thickness from withing the system, and then have that insulation automatically applied to any ductwork/piping that corresponds to that system.

It would probably be necessary to allow users to remove/add insulation manually still.


I've been BIM modeling for a plumbing contractor for the past 10 years.

Every - Single - Project -  we do has an INSULATION SCHEDULE with varying insulation thickness based on pipe size and system.


As more contractors jump on board with BIM, I believe they fully expect to utilize this schedule, not have to manually select each pipe size in each system and apply the insulation post-draw.


Revit, we are requesting the ability to add an "Insulation Schedule" to the pipe family system properties. In practice this would AUTOMATICALLY do the same thing as the user

  • Selecting the pipe (+fittings)
  • Tapping "Add Insulation"
  • Entering size
  • Tapping "OK"

But it would do it AUTOMATICALLY when the pipe is drawn, adding the proper thickness of insulation based on the pipe size.


It would also be swell to be able to APPLY INSULATION SCHEDULE to selected items.


Who would benefit? Every single engineer who designs buildings with MEP included, then does even the most basic of clash detection. This would also help with cross sections showing pipe, as they would already show proper insulation thickness. This would also benefit the contractors who use the generated Revit models to further do BIM coordination.


I think this is quite similar to the idea posted back in May of 2016,


I'd like to see the insulation thickness as a schedule in the family (or system) properties. We usually end up with systems based on the temperatures of fluid within pipe, so one schedule per system seems logical.


For those looking for a solution MagiCAD can apply insulation based on pipe or duct size and thickness ranges.


But yes I am also becoming frustrated and impatient at the unacceptable slow development of automation in Revit MEP.


The pipes should know what pipe material, insulation and thickness to use based on the spec, the pipes themselves should size as we draw them and connect to devices, they should know when they pass through a wall and add builders work holes , they should know when they clash with something. They should be able to tag themselves in a logical manner. We need automation and we need it fast, these manual tasks take too long.


Pipe Type System Defaults and Insulation - Autodesk Community


I had a similar idea wayyyy back in 2016. dont think autodesk understands how the tools are actually used. but remember, FAB Parts was the future!


pipe insultion strongly depends on the diameter. good idea.

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