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Copy & Paste elements from AutoCAD to Revit

Copy & Paste elements from AutoCAD to Revit

Would be great to copy a selection of elements in AutoCAD and paste it in Revit. 


This idea came from working with the Adobe software collection, where you can copy from Illustrator some lines, text, fills etc. and paste them straight in In-Design or Photoshop without any problem or saving a file. 


I think this feature will reduce some working steps in the workflow between Revit and AutoCad.

You can import a vector file ( dwg, dxf, skp, etc) into Revit, then copy the geometry to whatever view you want. The need for Autocad will decrease with time, more people will switch to Revit and the rvt format file will become the new standard. Autocad drawing is the past, just like Gutenberg printing machines.
You dont want to deal with the mess of linestyle, layers, import items, text style and others.
I believe it would be very useful to import CAD details as blocks (or something similar to blocks) in Revit. Many companies have standard CAD details. It would be a shame to recreate all that, line by line, in Revit. Or maybe include a microCAD app in Revit and let the user get (really) creative.


@ipselute of course Revit is the future and will be standard and believe me I am not one of many who wants to do hybrid BIM or try to use 2D as much as possible. 


The Idea is very simple, since they are both Autodesk software, it should be a more harmonic way how you transfer elements between them without saving 1000 files and creating a lot of junk in your computer. 


And as you said, detailing (small scale drawings) and urban planing (large scale drawings) is still and will still be 2D for a while. Why not have a smoother way how to get elements inside Revit. Automatic conversion between ACAD blocks and Revit Detail Items or Detail Groups etc. etc. 



@Yien_Chao it is not so tragic, don't worry. The revit style managment needs emprovment anyway, you should not make a judgment now based on the present technology. 


@Marvi1 not tragic, but pain in the ass and waste of time. that's why i made a Dynamo node for this.


Unlike Adobe stuff, there are significant differences between the data involved when dealing with DWG (or third-party custom DWG objects like ProStructures, or Inventor) and Revit.


Copy/paste goes through the Windows clipboard, unlike a dedicated import function.  Trying to implement PASTE-handlers for every possibility would get quite taxing as opposed to the more regimented dedicated process.   The latter can also be treated as a completely separate module for development and testing.


Having the ability to copy vector lines from autocad to facilitate the drawing of details and save time. Well, autocad has many vector drawing facilities, while Revit improves its drawing capabilities, I consider a good alternative to just do Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V from autocad and insert into the work plane.

Thank you for submitting this request before me.

Hi all! I recently created an app that does this finally!


You can check it out here:



It'll take 2 apps to bring elements from Autocad to Revit. 


Autocad plugin 


Revit plugin


Hope this helps! 


Feel free to reach out to talk more about it. 


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