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API access to "Transfer Project Standards"

API access to "Transfer Project Standards"

To easily retrieve elements in another projects the Manage -> Transfer Project Standards functionality is very useful. Also from API perspective this can be very handy, if certain View Templates or other elements are missing. Currently there are some workarounds, but I'm sure API access to this functionality is much easier to handle transfering all elements of a certain Category.


Also registered as CF-4242 [API wish: transfer project standards].


I consider it necessary to implement this function in the Revit API. Since it is a demand that we have in all the developments that we carry out.
Whether a development works well depends on whether new projects start with a well-configured template and common shared parameters.

But, what about previous projects? We always have to transfer the project standards from the corporate template, to ensure that everything is correctly configured.

I second the proposal of Harmen Verburg to implement this much needed functionality.




We'd find this very useful if this was implemented.


It would be  nice if it was easy to define what gets transferred as well as "overwriting options too"


Agreed - the difference between the behavior of Transfer Project Standards and what is available in the API (Copying the Elements, but without the Override option) - is too big of a gap, in reality, to be useful.


The Overwrite option is what people are expecting, and I think the only reasonably way to deliver it is via a Transfer Project Standards API call.


I'd like to be able to do this in batch operations, whether that's via Clarity or Forge DAA.


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