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Allow nested shared families to report the 'level' parameter

Allow nested shared families to report the 'level' parameter

Currently a nested shared family will not report its level in properties or a schedule. The elevation is reported but it is irrelevant (-576' 4 7/8" for a device placed at 42"AFF, for example)


We use nested shared families to improve coordination between disciplines. As a security and low voltage consultant, we have placed a data device in other family categories (security, communication, etc) so that when a non-data device requiring a data connection is placed our data connection symbol appears on our data views. From here they can be circuited, tagged, and scheduled. However, the level parameter is null. This diminishes the usefulness of the schedule.


There are workarounds, each either requiring more effort or creating their own separate problems:

  1. Manual coordination is so CAD and prone to error
  2. Placing two connectors within same family (and a subcategory or something to control symbol visibility) works but only the circuit of the primary connector is can be scheduled
  3. Place spaces or rooms and schedule the space:level or room:level parameter is probably the best option, except for areas where a room or space is not placed, like the exterior



If your nested family is work plane based, after inserting in the host, when you select the nested family, you have the Schedule Level parameter, if you didn't place the nested family in the Reference Plane, you will have the option to do so, then it will show its level in schedules.


I am really interested to know how you achieved this because I have not been able to do so in my testing (nor can Autodesk support). They recommended I submit this issue as a Revit idea.


Furthermore, I have been using face-based nested families (they also have the 'Schedule Level' parameter) so that nested generic annotations are visible in floor plan views. The trick to making that work is discussed here:  


Any more information is appreciated!


Update: I am able to get the nested generic annotation of the nested shared family to be visible in floor plan using a work plane based family, so using face based families as I stated above may be unnecessary. However, I am still not able to get the nested shared family to report it's level.


The problem with this workaround is that my nested shared family needs to be face based to be practical. For example, we have a electrical outlet family that is used throughout the project (face based for easy placement).


We now want to nest this outlet in a workstation family. For the level to show up I have to change the facebased family to a workplane based but that brakes the family in the project unfortunately.


This has become even more important now that we can schedule the elevation of elements (revit 2020). We can also schedule the elevation of shared elements, but not the level they are referring to... not very practical.


Not just level but also elevation parameter!


Update: I've slept since I first made this post but, the Level and Elevation from Level (2020+) is working for me. Maybe there was an update I missed? I can confirm it also works in 2019...but Elevation from Level is not available obviously.


We no longer use face based nested families. In my case, I have a data device that is level based/unhosted, work plane-based, and shared. It is placed on the ref level of the host family which is a security device and also level based/unhosted.

2019 screenshot:


2020+ screenshot:




It seems like @AutoDesk resolved this issue for traditional nested shared components. However, line based shared components still do not report a host or level. This would be a gamechanger if they could get this to work.


I definitely have a bunch of examples from projects in Revit 2022.1. where this shared nested families still don't have a level parameter, even though the nested families are not line based.



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